The Gauri Brienda Consultancy was born out of a passion for a “boutique” approach to branding, while maintaining a high level of integrity and quality control. Recognizing the interconnection of relationship management to client satisfaction, the consultancy strives to maintain consistency at every turn delivering successful result driven outcomes.

Each project is managed from start to finish with attention to detail to ensure each phase of the process is executed in a timely and effective manner. As lead Brand Consultant, Gauri brings a fresh, innovative and market friendly approach to the process, emphasizing current trends. The consultancy’s services include: Strategic Marketing, Brand Ideation & Design, Project Management, EQ Training and Community Outreach.

We work closely with companies to leverage their core services and or products addressing the needs of the direct consumer market. Our strategic solutions not only provide assistance for a particular social cause, but aim to increase revenue for organizations as well as private and public sector businesses.  

We suggest effective branding solutions generating diverse revenue streams, keeping in mind the values of Corporate Social Responsibility- CSR, Community Partnerships, Environmental Stewardship and Employee Well-Being. We prioritize integration at every level. Our consultancy specializes in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Food & Spirits, Advocacy & Wellness.

Gauri holds a Communications & Marketing degree from DePaul University, Chicago with a focus in Health Education. Certifications include: Social Entrepreneurship: Coleman Center DePaul University. Food As Medicine: Center For Mind-Body Medicine, Washington D.C.

  • <br> <br> <br>Gina Brooke
    Gauri Brienda's expertise in the area of mind, body, spirit has greatly influenced my work. Her eastern beauty philosophy and methods greatly influence my makeup techniques and the totality of the inner and outer beauty of a man and woman.

    Gina Brooke
    Artistic Director of Shu Uemura, Makeup Artist to Madonna, David Beckham, Gisel Bunchen, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria and Ann Hathaway.
  •  <br> <br> <br>Dr. Joseph F. Bannon Ph.D.
    Gauri is an innovative pioneer and "life coach" in the truest sense of the word relative to the integration of "ancient eastern wisdom with modern western science and therapeutics" in her practice and teachings. Her cutting edge - holistic approach to the treatment and management of mental, spiritual and physical disease produces profound and lasting results without pharmaceutical side effects. Having a very extensive background myself in government law enforcement,special operations, military training as well as the martial arts and healing arts; I have an extremely high level of confidence in referring many of my clients to Gauri who themselves suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), physical injuries, mental anxiety, stress, addiction disorders, and anyone else who could benefit from an outstanding lifestyle therapist and coach.

    Dr. Joseph F. Bannon Ph.D.
    CEO / Founder - Bannon Institute Inc. U.S. International Martial Arts Hall of Fame